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Micro-mineral concrete bathroom floors

Floors should fulfil four different functions in a bathroom: provide waterproofing and drainage, and be non-slip and easy maintenance. Whether it's a new build or a renovation (for example on old tiling), Marius Aurenti analyses the various constraints of your project and offers a solution which takes these four requirements into account right from the design stage. Colour choice from the 71 shades of our colour chart, as well as the type of varnish play a key role in finalising the warm, rich look of a micro-mineral concrete bathroom floor. A choice of textures and finishes, a vast range of colours, and a seamless connection between the shower, the sink worktop and the walls.



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beton ciré sol salle de bain
Sol couleur sur-mesure - Par Vera Iachia
beton ciré pour sol salle de bain
Smooth finish Mortar floor - Clos des Roses
beton ciré au sol salle de bain
Bathroom, smooth finish Mortar Perle
béton ciré pour sol salle de bains
Bathroom Sofia
béton ciré sol de salle de bain
Sol Ibis
sol salle de bain en beton cire
Sol Gris acier
Sol beton cire Gris Perle
Sol Gris Perle
Sol beton cire Sinaï
Sol Sinaï
Sol béton cire Grège
Sol Grège
Sol en béton ciré Bagatelle
Sol en béton ciré Bagatelle
Sol en béton ciré Gris Argent
Sol Gris Argent
Sol Gris Perle
Sol Gris Perle
Sol Grège
Sol Grège