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Concrete tables

UHPC and micro-mineral concrete tables take pride of place in homes and gardens alike, with their elegant lines, robust materials and soft touch mineral surfaces. Several styles of concrete table are available, offering numerous design possibilities from ultra thin table tops to more imposing models several centimetres thick.  Ma's Smooth Finish Mortar and varnishes have been used by distinguished furniture designers for many years. The micro-thin concrete is applied to a substrate of MDF or chipboard, vastly reducing the weight of the table. Concrete aficionados appreciate the exceptional strength and resistance of Ma's UHPC, enabling the creation of ultra thin objects and high precision motif and texture finishes. Finishing varnishes, in gloss or matt, penetrate the material and ensure an optimum protection for daily use in private homes as well as catering establishments. 

Various models, sizes and colours available in our stores.



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