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High-Performance-Fiber-Reinforced concrete (HPFC)

  • Exceptional resistance
  • Compression > 130 to 250 MPa
  • Bending tensile strength > 20 to 50 MPa
  • Important resistance to the attacks
  • Great delicacy
  • Mineral colours
  • Dyed in the mass


The last innovations in concrete resulted in the HPFC.

The cement dosages and additives combined with very thin loads gives exceptional mechanic properties to these concretes. It exists several HPFC formulations, for various applications, architectural or structural. Its low weight (36 kg /m2) makes its use easier.

These concretes are cast according to an existing line in floor cladding and wall or in exclusive objects in small series (furniture, counters, display stands, trays). Our moulding, casting, tinting, protection and transportation know-how insures the aesthetic accomplishment and the solidity of your projects. Ma's offers also its own formulas which allows to make objects with a strong resistance at affordable prices.