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Vigorn pannels

Vigorn is the ultimate concrete pannel ready made. The wide format of the pannels provides a visual uniformity on floors in the pure soul of the concrete slabs, for an odd and contemporary interior.

Our study department teams have provided  to Vigron their 25 years of knowledge and experience to develop a solution in ready made concrete lighter than a screed while gathering all characteristics and the quality of the Marius Aurenti ‘s wax concrete

It makes the installation very quick and enables an immediate use on every sustrates. Easy to lay  and to cut , the pannels are glued on interior walls and floors. 
its  mechanical qualities ensure a compression resistance in commercial premises and residential properties as well as incredible flexion capacities, without any risk of cracking, allowing an application on damaged structures on floors and on wooden floors.

Nice creations and applications in interior architecture and store layout have been achieved  already such as for the sign Pitaya that MA’s supports nationaly and internationaly .

Its advantages :

An ultra quick installation and for an immediate use.
The easy laying by cutting and gluing on interior walls and floors.
A light weight with all the characteristics of the waxed concrete (18,8 kg/m2).
A compression resistance in commercial premises and private properties.
A laying on damaged structures on floors and on wooden floors.
Ultra thin seam junctions edge to edge pannels.

Dimensions : 

320 x 120 x 1.4cm
240 x 120 x 1.4cm
120 x 120 x 1.4cm
Production lead time :  6 weeks.
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