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Micro-mineral concrete terraces and poolside terraces

Terraces that extend a living room or a kitchen, offering long-lasting beauty and colours that won't fade with the sun. That's the guarantee of MA's micro-mineral concrete for your patios, courtyards, balconies, driveways and terraces. MA's mineral pigmentation offers 71 colours all with optimum UV resistance. A super strong 2mm thick coating that can be applied directly onto a concrete slab. The coating is covered with MA's water and oil-resistant treatment, for easy maintenance and weather protection. A textured finish on a poolside terrace offers non-slip barefoot security, even when the surface is wet.



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Piscine en béton ciré Lin
Pool Lin
Terrasse béton ciré revêtement sol
Terrace Beige Mélisse
béton imprimé terrasse couleur beige
Terrace Seigle and Beige Mélisse
Piscine béton ciré couleur Gris Perle
Waxed concrete Gris Perle
Piscine en béton ciré couleur blanc
Waxed concrete Everest
Piscine en béton ciré Gris Perle
Pool Gris Perle
Piscine béton ciré
Pool Everest
Terrasse couleur Everest
Terrace Everest
Sol couleur Hacienda
Terrace Hacienda
Escaliers d'extérieur en béton ciré
Escaliers d'extérieur en béton ciré